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Logging into Service Desk Portal


PLEASE NOTE: Our Service Desk Portal webpage link has been added to School Bookmarks for Staff and Students Chromebooks



Additionally, there is Service Desk Portal shortcut in the Windows 10 programs list looks like the screenshot below




     When you visit the Service Desk Portal at   , select Use Google Button to Login



     Select the Google Button




**If the Google Button is not visible, skip to the last page to follow the steps on Clearing your Cache or go to the following link:






     If the following screen appears, select the login button in the upper right corner



     Then select the Google button again



     This should allow you to select your RES email to login.


Clearing Browser Data in Google Chrome

      Click the 3 stacked dots in the upper right corner of the browser and Select   Settings   in the drop-down menu.


      The   Settings   window will display. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings window and click the   Advanced   button.

      Continue to scroll down in the   Settings   window until the   Privacy and security   section displays. Locate the   Clear browser data   setting in the   Privacy and security   section, and click the downward-pointing arrow to proceed.


      The   Clear browsing data   window will display. Select the option All time in the Time Range field

      The type of data to be cleared can be selected. Click the checkbox to the left of the data type to select it to be cleared. The   Basic   setting is usually sufficient for clearing data, but there is an   Advanced   setting also, that provides more data type options that can be cleared. After choosing the desired data options to clear, click the   Clear data   button to clear the browser data.



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