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Google Calendar + Google Meet (Phone & Video Conferencing)

Last Update: 2018.10.23


Scope: This job aid shows how to add Google Meet to a Google Calendar event.


      To create a Google Calendar event first navigate to the Google Calendar. Select the waffle icon in the top right hand corner and click calendar.



      Click the red (+) to create a new event



      When on the Event Details screen, select the Add Conferencing drop down and click Hangouts Meet.


      This option will give attendees of the meeting a choice to join meeting by link or by telephone.

     Continue fill out Event Details as needed and click Save.


NOTE: Attendees who join by link will have access to both audio and video access, those who join by the phone number will only have audio access.


      Attendees will be able to join the meeting by clicking once on the event on the calendar and clicking the link option. If a user needs to join by phone, they will also see the phone and pin numbered needed to join.


NOTE: If events on the calendar are double-clicked, the event opens in an editable format. Users will not be able to see the events meeting link from this screen.




Google Meet Hardware


      The Google Meet Hardware is comprised of four separate pieces.



     Asus Power Base : Provides power to the entire system. If system is shut down, make sure to press the power button located in the bottom right hand corner.

     Camera : which can be positioned anywhere and adjusted at any time.

     Speaker : Depending on the rom size there may be more than one speaker than can be placed in different areas so that all can hear and speak clearly.

      To join a meeting, press the Green Join call button.

      To end a meeting, press the Red End call button.

      To change the volume, press Volume down (-) Volume down or Volume up (+).

      To mute the microphone, press the microphone button.

      Each speaker has a status light located around the bottom.

      Yellow: Power on, not connected

      White: Connected, not in a meeting

      Green: In a video meeting

      Red: Microphone muted

      Yellow (flashing): Firmware upgrade in progress



     Mimo Vue Touch Screen Display : This screen displays all scheduled meetings, but gives the opportunity to create and share on-the-fly whenever needed. To join a meeting, simply click on the correct event.



     If a meeting has been booked in a room where the Google Meet hardware is placed, the meeting will automatically populate.

     On the home screen users will be able to see all meetings that have been booked for that particular day. Users will have other options for non-scheduled meetings.



      Start a New Meeting : This allows a user to create a one time meeting. A meeting code will be provided so that outside users will be able to join in.

      Use a Meeting Code : Google Meeting codes can be found in a meeting invitation. If a user has been invited to a meeting and would like to utilize the Google Meet Hardware the meeting code can be entered to gain access.



NOTE: When entering a meeting code, only use the collection of letters at the end of the URL. (Example: the meeting code for the above meeting would be MRD-PJZK-QKE)


      Call a phone: If a meeting is being held by phone, users can use the Hardware as a conference phone.

      Present to Room Only: With every Google Meet Setup and additional Green HDMI cable will be available for users to share their screen from any device with the entire room. When using this feature, only the screen is being shared, there is no meeting or audio is being shared.



NOTE: This cable should ONLY be plugged into a device that the user brings (laptop or chromebook).

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